Our clients are attorneys, their staff, and other officers of the court. AFM also provides mediation for municipalities, governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, and other individuals and entities in need of alternative dispute resolution. Because the founders of All Florida Mediation are also attorneys, we have an inherent understanding of what attorneys demand in professional mediation. Our mission is to exceed your most optimistic expectations. Our clients hail from everywhere throughout the state of Florida. Where our clients are, we are - everywhere.

Our clients come from the State's largest, most well-known and respected law firms.
They demand the best. Shouldn't you?

Why Choose All Florida Mediation?
Choose All Florida Mediation because you demand more from a mediation group. Choose All Florida Mediation because you have mediation needs everywhere in the state of Florida. Take confidence that All Florida Mediation can meet your needs.  Choose all Florida Mediation because, like you, we don't settle for less.

Al Florida Mediation, Inc. - EVERYWHERE !


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